Thursday, January 19, 2012

Doing Something Right

Consulting is an interesting business - lots of personal interaction, and generally speaking, my customers aren't afraid to tell me how they think I'm doing. That being said, what people say when they talk to me is one thing - the acid test is what they say when they talk to others.

This just in, posted to the Guppy-Thrillers Yahoo group this morning by a writer with whom I worked yesterday:

Last night I asked Adam Firestone,who was recommended through Crime Scene Writers, a rather basic question re "if heroine is shot in bad light over (?) distance andsufferedsuch andsuch a wound,whatkindof weapon/ammo would be used?"

I received, first thing this morning, a VERY detailed analysis and summary that blew me away. Not only do I want to recommend Adam as a resource, he would probably make a good speaker at a con. My WIP wasn't even going to include weaponry (well, I had to shoot somebody, didn't I?) but now realize that even though this is far from chic lit, it might bring in more male readers with testosterone slanted details.

If that is politically incorrect, we can discuss it in another topic. Right now I just want to say how immensely pleased I am with this resource andthank the person who recommended Adam. Here's your ATTABOY!

It's nice to be appreciated. Thanks Janet!

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  1. This doesn't surprise me one bit! Congratulations on the great recommendation!